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About GHP

Rigorous Standards ~ Proven Results

What we are doing

Installed correctly, a geothermal system will hum along year after year… providing comfort everywhere, without cold spots… 24/7… with minimal maintenance.

Background & History

I’m Joe Sarkkinen, my wife Sharon and I work together giving the best service we can for our clients.  Years ago when I built my own home, I considered the traditional heat pump for heating and cooling. However, I found there were two things I could not live with. The consistently high energy bills and the unit outside my home. I could not find a spot where it would not be in the way. I looked into many alternative energy methods. Geothermal was the most practical and used so little energy that I decided to install it in my home. At that time, there were few contractors that installed geothermal. After discussing it with an engineer who was trained in geothermal I became a dealer and performed my own installation under his guidance and design. Gradually by word of mouth I began to install systems for others and GHP, Inc. was born!

18 years later we still work with the same goals, we keep up with the current designs and the improvements in geothermal.

A geothermal system is a long-term investment. You need the facts before you can know if it is best for you.  We carefully consider all the particulars of your home, your pool and of your lifestyle to determine if it is a good fit for you.  We give you straight answers about when it PAYS and when it does NOT PAY to install a system.

Before you invest in ANY heating system for your home or pool, study geothermal.  If it fits your situation, the savings are tremendous! We are more than happy to help you as you go down the road of research and decision making.  It’s a very important process, gatherieng all the information before you make a decision.

We have helped many clients go through this process and they have found our complimentary brainstorming meeting (1-3 hours) to be advantageous in their decision making process!

This is all about educating you as to whether geothermal is a good fit for you, and if so, what options you have. A time for education.  Not a time for final decisions.

First Class Design and Installation

Geothermal Heat Pumps, Inc. adheres to rigorous standards in everything we sell, install and service.

Our design and installation are first class, our equipment is the best, no shortcuts, ruggedly constructed to last a lifetime.

Our service is superior, we stay with you, our secret to your happiness.  Our goal is to install the best system available, and stand behind it.

This means our designs are done very carefully. It means we use only the best equipment. It means that our installation is done without shortcuts of any kind.

Our Customers Say

We believe there are

3 Steps to Success


18 years of experience has brought us valuable experience to see if geothermal works for you


We perform our work with the dedication as though we were working on our own home.


Do not take shortcuts.